Drive more leads and
sales on Instagram

Taplink is a convenient way to manage your links and drive your sales directly on Instagram

Multiple links

Add multiple links in Instagram instead of just one

Instagram allows users to place only one clickable link in the profile description, but this is often not enough.

Using Taplink, you can place any number of links to pages of your products and services, special offers, instant messengers for communication in one click, accounts in social networks and more.

Online messaging

Allow your clients to connect with you with one click

Online messaging is the most convenient, modern and common method of communication.

Create smart links to online messaging apps that allow you to start conversations with clients with one click, and get more hits and requests from followers.

Social networks

Create right links to your accounts in social networks

The correct link is opened in the application rather than in the browser!

People who followed regular links will not be able to subscribe or write to you because they are not authorized in other social networks in the Instagram browser!

The links created in Taplink will open the application of the required social network, where your page will be displayed. People will be able to contact you, subscribe and like without any further actions.

Micro landing page

Create a page that will sell

Create offers that are difficult to refuse, launch promotions and motivate the audience to leave requests and place orders.

Add high-converting text, engaging photos and videos to encourage your customers. Use the answer block to address frequently asked questions, start a time-limited offer with a countdown timer.

Application forms

Capture leads and accept payments online

Do not waste time accepting requests and payments from clients manually, let Taplink do it.

Receive notifications about new requests in messengers and via e-mail.

Export the collected requests to external CRM or use our order management system.

Online store

Everything you need to start selling on Instagram

Allow clients to view and pay for goods directly on the Instagram app. With Taplink, you can create your online store in 10 minutes without a designer and programmer.
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